A complete suite of products for all your everyday payments

The MobilePay app makes transferring money easier.

We simplify the joyful moments in life for more than 6 million users, helping them give gifts, arrange joint presents, share dinner and split the bill. We also make paperwork – the invoices, the fixed payments and paying on time – easy.

But we’re actually about so much more.

We see ourselves as an essential partner to the business communities across Denmark, Greenland and Finland, where we help build strong relationships between more than 220,000 shops and online stores, and their customers.

Send money with

Our app’s most popular function is sending and receiving money. Fast, easy payments are handled with a simple swipe, and all that’s needed to make them is a phone number.

Read more about sending and receiving money with MobilePay in Danish or Finnish.

MobilePay Online

Online shopping is simpler and smoother with MobilePay Online. Removing the need for card details, a phone is all that’s needed to pay, making it a secure, time-saving solution.

Read more about MobilePay Online in Danish or Finnish.

MobilePay MyShop

With no need for terminals or any other hardware, MobilePay MyShop is an effortless solution for physical shops, trade unions and NGOs, allowing for simple, easy and contactless payments with a phone.

Read more about MobilePay MyShop in Danish or Finnish.

Point of Sale

With this painless retail solution for physical stores, mobile payments are integrated via existing payments systems or automatic payment points on site. QR codes provide full flexibility, enabling self-service and pre-ordering, both of which minimise queues.

Read more about MobilePay Point of Sale in Danish or Finnish.


We’ve created a gifting universe in our app, that makes digital gift-giving easy and fun. Givers can add creative wrap and a personal message when they transfer money or send gift cards.

Read more about MobilePay Gifts in Danish or Finnish.


MobilePay Box makes it easy to keep on top of group expenses, such as money collected for a joint gift at the office, or when administrating class collections at school.

Read more about MobilePay Box in Danish or Finnish.


An easy, efficient solution for bill payment, MobilePay Invoice removes the need to manually enter details, eliminating the chances of incorrect entries. It’s why we see such a high percentage of bills paid on time.

Read more about MobilePay Invoice in Danish or Finnish.


The MobilePay Subscriptions solution allows people to pay and subscribe with a simple swipe. Memberships are managed through the app, making it an ideal solution for businesses that take recurring payments.

Read more about MobilePay Subscriptions in Danish or Finnish.

MobilePay for app payments

Our app-in-app MobilePay solution allows people to briefly switch to us to pay with a swipe, before returning to the app they were browsing in and buying from.

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Splitting the bill has never been easier than with WeShare. It’s a brilliant solution for travels, gatherings and anything else that people do in groups, large or small.

Read more about WeShare in Danish or Finnish.

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