About us

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We simplify life

MobilePay empowers people across the Nordics to share life through joyful exchanges.

No one wants complexity or intermediaries when they’re managing their transactions. No matter who you are, everyone loves the small technological wonders in life. People value empowerment and the freedom to act, exchange and share. And we’ve found that this feeling is universal, whether you’re a business owner or a person – and that, as MobilePay is so widely used, you’re often both.

We’re excited to shape the emerging future with you, so that you can exchange and interact, effortlessly. 

Simplicity with a swipe. It’s what we want for everyone.

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With support from our partners, we’re redefining and challenging the status quo in a rapidly changing world.

We see ourselves as an integral partner to the Danish and Finnish business communities – one that builds strong relationships between businesses and end users. Because with our inspiring platform and ecosystem, we empower people, businesses and partners to connect and get closer to what matters to them.

We’re also proud to make it easier to dream big, even if your business is small.

With MobilePay, we’ll be by your side – from wherever your business is today, to wherever you want it to take you. Because, whether you’re a local boutique or the country’s largest superstore, we see you – and your needs are always important.

We help make relationships easy, because we believe the interactions you have with your customer don’t have to be complicated. It’s all about easing moments in life for you, whether it’s paperwork, invoices, fixed payments and paying on time, or gift-giving, arranging joint gifts, sharing dinner or splitting the bill.

Simply put, we simplify life.

Cooperation across the payment ecosystem

We work to bring the best possible solutions to people – whether they’re private users or merchants. And, as well as our own solutions, we're also integrating and launching payment solutions with partners across the payment ecosystem – integrators, service providers, acquirers, ERP systems and more.

Our partners include both major organisations and fintech start-ups. Because we truly believe that when we join forces with others, we can create better solutions and bring them to market faster – all to do more to benefit people, merchants and society.

Our values, mission and vision

We empower persons, businesses and partners to connect

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+6 m.

More than 6.2 million people use MobilePay

+50 partner banks

Collaboration with more than 50 partner banks in the Nordic

45 %

...of all transactions were business transactions in 2021 - it was more than 224 million transactions


More than 220,000 Nordic shops and webshops offer MobilePay payment

+495 m.

More than 495 million transactions were made with MobilePay in 2021

23 billion €

More than 23 billion euros were spent with MobilePay in 2021

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Diverse people and talent - one connected vision