100% better conversion with MobilePay in webshops

It may sound too good to be truth, but you can increase your conversions by more than 100% with MobilePay Online. Give your customers a more seamless checkout experience. Follow best practice ...for best results.

Øg dine konverteringer i din webshop med MobilePay Online

Visible MobilePay logo in the payment flow

Many of our Online merchants have seen significantly higher conversion rates simply from putting the MobilePay logo on their homepage and at the top of their payment flow.

Placing the logo alongside the other payment options in an online store is another way of giving customers a nice, smooth shopping experience.

The MobilePay button should be top priority on phones and tablets, and among the first three payment options on desktop.

Create a simple ecommerce checkout flow with MobilePay

Win-Win - for your webshop and for all shoppers

Online shopping is simpler and smoother with MobilePay Online. Removing the need for card details, a phone is all that’s needed to pay, making it a secure, time-saving solution.

Read more about MobilePay Online for businesses in Danish or Finnish. Or if you want to integrate MobilePay Online with your platform, then read more on our Partner site.

  • MobilePay Online supports Dankort, Visa/Dankort, MasterCard, VISA and VISA Electron
  • No limits online - just like using your credit/debit card
  • Available for users in Denmark and Finland
  • Secure, simple and fast payment
  • Free of charge for the user
  • MobilePay Online is a card transaction and surcharge is prohibited

  • Access to +4 million Danish users (and +6.5 million users in Danmark and Finland)
  • Simple and fast P2P integration - utilizing your existing acquirer agreement
  • Achieve an average improved conversion rate of over 100% if you use MobilePay Online
  • MobilePay average share of checkout is 50%
  • No amount limitations online - just like using your credit/debit card
  • Sell in DKK, EUR, NOK and SEK - cross-border enabled for merchants operating within EU/EEA

No logo
is a no-go

Why? Because then the user is never in doubt about who they're dealing with. Contact your Payment Service Provider, who will help you add your company logo so that it appears nicely in the MobilePay app. This simple action will increase conversion rates, prevent drop-offs and enhance the feeling of a safe transaction.

Follow best practice and remind merchants to upload the company logo
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MobilePay - users' preferred payment option in webshops